Hey world I hope your day is as beautiful as mine, i’m spending quality time with my beautiful daughter exploring our God bless world from her level. It’s so amazing how curious she is in finding out new things about her environment and I feel so proud of how smart she has become at such a young age. She’s now in her language milestone and at only a year and half she thinks she has already master having a conversation. So far her favorite words include, Oh my gosh!, OHHHH what happen and WOW!! I feel so blessed each day that I’m given the opportunity to shape such a beautiful thing as life and to be able to influence her thoughts, attitude and beliefs. It’s such a delicate responsibility and to think that so often this blessing is taken for granted and even more so taken advantage of. I have become a better person, a more joyful, open minded and patient person since the birth of my LOVE BUG! wouldn’t change it for the world, thank you Lord!


Signed Tulip

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