About Us:)

So we realized our “about me”, doesn’t really clarify who we are. So lets start with this. We are two female cousins, who act more like sisters and best-friends. We are in our early 20′s. We go by the names “Butterfly” and “Tulip”. Butterfly will be sharing mostly about her passion for photography, marriage, her relationship with Christ Etc. Mostly about her new role has a wife and living in NY. Tulip is a Awesome Mother of a beautiful 2 year old girl. Who will be sharing her experiences of being a single mother in the army and stationed in the beautiful Oahu, Hawaii. We are both Jamaicans! Yeah! We are Christians who love the Lord and our entire being revolves around ┬áChrist and his call on our lives. We were inspired to start this blog to inspire others, to learn from others and to share new things we learn through our daily journey. We love our lives despite all our struggles and shortcomings. We hope you will be just has inspired and excited to go on this journey with us. We love living in God’s Promise Land. It’s pretty dope if you take the time out to enjoy it :)


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4 thoughts on “About Us:)

  1. I agree, life is wonderful, even with all the problems we face, individually or collectively. Good for you guys, doing a blog together, and sharing your faith! I’ll be back to check out future posts! ~ Sheila

  2. You have a great site. I am glad I was able to drop by. I will return again to visit and share. You zeal for the Lord is outstanding…. I commend you on your active service in our Armed Services. It is the devoted, all inspired people as yourselves, that helps assure our ordered Liberties…. as Freddom to Worship an awesome God.

    Once again, may the god of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless and keep you both. Now and forever. May His face shine upon you.

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