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For 26yrs God has kept me, mold me and held me..Glory be to God😊😍

This weekend I’ve been celebrating my bday in Miami and I had a blast. Private helicopter tour, swimming with dolphins, holding baby gators and eating great vegetarian food. All things I had a fear of doing, yet through Christ my biggest lesson this year is actually believing that I can do absolutely all things through Christ who gives me strength and so that exactly how I’ve overcome all these fears I had. Plus Christ doesn’t embed in us a spirit of fear, but that of a sound mind. Ended last night at Joel Osteen Night of Hope and left feeling so inspired. I worship all the way home and began my 26th bday in worship and more closer to him than ever. I truly am incredibly grateful for God taking my story and making it bring glory to his name. For taking my shame and making it victorious. My mere birth was a miracle. I’ve learnt to forgive those who’ve hurt me along the way and forgive myself for hurting others. I’ve let go of the past and I’m holding on tight to the future. The joy of the Lord is my strength. Lord you’ve held my hands, carried me when I became too weak and made me your child from day one. I dedicate my entire life to you and it’s completely change me. I’m a different woman now because of your grace. You’ve took the worst of me and gave the best to me and with all I am, I’ll live to worship you. I praise you in advance for an abundant life to serve and honor you. Thanks for another incredible year of service to you. Thanks for blessing me with an incredible husband whose taken up his cross and his role has a husband and whose exceeded my expectations of what marriage would be when lived through you. All glory be to God.
Signed Butterfly

Bateaux New York Lunch Cruise Experience

This is by far the best cruise I’ve been on hands down. I planned this romantic cruise for my hubby’s birthday and he loved every minute of it. Everything was perfect! From the time we arrived on the boat to be seated, till the time we left with a complimentary cookie to go, outstanding customer service. For me personally New York has the worst customer service ever. People treat you has if you are doing them a favor by purchasing or receiving service from them. However this gave me a totally different outlook and gave me hope and a sense of relief knowing GOOD CUSTOMER service still exist.

Lets start with the ambiance on the boat. One word BREATH-TAKING. Image

The staff was very courteous and super friendly. Not to mention the bonus of them wishing my husband happy birthday every chance they got. They had a live Jazz entertainment. The Manager greeted every single table and introduce himself. To top it off he also came at the end to see if we enjoyed everything. Which we did!

THE FOOD….Seafood Manicotti Gratinee: Manicotti filled with Ricotta Cheese and topped with Bay Scallops, Rock Shrimp, PE Mussels and traditional Alfredo………..Truly a taste of heaven…Image