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Single Woman of God!!!!!!!! :)

Having been in a relationship for the past 7 years I thought I had found my soul mate! I thought I knew exactly what I wanted in a partner and I knew I had found it in him. Six months ago that relationship came to an end, and at first it felt as if I had been sitting on a chair and someone pull it from under my bottom without warning. I felt pain, anger, betrayal, confusion and the list could go on. I could have chosen to feel sorry for myself and wallow in my own pain and suffering. Instead with the help of my loving sister’s advise I got up wiped away the tears and faced the music. That music was that God had a different plan for my life and what I had taken from that relationship where blessings, strength, love and lessons that have prepared me for whats to come. Sure there were days when I thought I had been in a relationship so long, that I have no idea how to start dating again. It was then I realized that all along I stayed in my previous relationship only because the situation fit the frame of the picture I was painting for my life and all the years that God tried to pull me away from it I kept fighting to stay in it! See we get so comfortable from time to time in situations that’s clearly not good for us and though God tries to show us the way he wants us to go, we fight. One thing I didn’t want to walk away from my situation being an angry woman. So I took some time out with my Lord one day and just prayed about it, that I would use it as a tool to teach me more about myself and what it is that God wants for me. I asked for patience to wait on God to place the right man in my life and that I would be able to know the difference between when I’m  doing ME or  what God wants for me.

Signed Tulip

Black Marriage Day…..3/25/12

Here’s something we don’t hear about, “BLACK MARRIAGE DAY”. Which was founded ten years ago by the Wedded Bliss Foundation to celebrate marriage in the Black community. Sunday March 25 is Black Marriage Day, and all across the country amazing events were held to celebrate marriage in the Black community. Being in our 3rd month of marriage (5 yrs together), this is a rather uplifting to know that people are still fighting for the sanctity of marriage in today’s society. Marriage is not a prison, you are not just tied down and your life does not end with marriage. You enter into a covenant with Christ and your partner to share a lifetime together.  We are a life-struggling couple, who deal with bills, disagreements and conflicts, but we do it together, as husband and wife, and we love that we have each other’s back and take peace in knowing we have each other’s support. I feel so blessed to wake up next to my best-friend each day, to create beautiful memories each day and to learn to love each day more than I did the day before. Love is real because Christ is real, because of his ultimate sacrificial expression of love to us. Enables me to love my husband with all my being without holding back. God is the centerpiece in our marriage. The ultimate decision maker. Our Guide, our source, our provider….even when we fall short to each other. We know the success of our marriage will not rely on our own strength. He ultimately holds this marriage together. God loves marriage – He created it. And He will bless your marriage if you’ll let Him!

Ecclesiastes 4:12

Theos ein Agape- God is Love :)


Signed Butterfly