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Diva on a budget….introducing your ultimate bargainista!!!

Diva on a budget....introducing your ultimate bargainista!!!

First let me apologize for the distorted face, but I’m still not comfortable with showing my face…Any how…just wanted to share this outfit i wore to church today with you and the total i spend on it! First let me say I’m not a “label woman”, I don’t see the point of spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on a “persons name”! After all that’s all your buying. I make the clothes, the clothes don’t define me! I try not to follow trends and normally just wear anything I’m comfortable in. Not every seasonal fashion style that comes in is for EVERYONE! I REPEAT!!!!!!!! NOT FOR EVERYONE. However I must admit I like the bright colors this season….ok ok let’s start.
Blouse- $16.00 @ Strawberry
Pants- $19.99 @ Strawberry
Shoes – $19.99 @ Daffy’s
grand total—-$55.98 yeaaa me!!!
I will almost shop anywhere a deal is! But I mostly shop at H&M and Daffy’s lately.

Signed Butterfly