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I love grains…love being vegetarian/pescatarian!

I love grains...love being vegetarian/pescatarian!

Being vegetarian has taught me to be very creative in the kitchen and especially since the hubby isn’t vegetarian. We haven’t cook meat in our home for over 5 months. He’s a vegetarian at home lol. But once in a while we’ll have seafood and this happened to be one of those nights. So lets start with beverage, we had jamaican sorrel. For grain and veggies I had mango barley salad, tropical quinoa salad, sautéed kale with peppers and stuffed shell with broccoli. My hubby had all this topped with teriyaki tilapia…our dinner was amazing, hope yours was too.


Curry soy chunks w/ peach organic red quinoa and pearl cous cous!!!

Delicious simple easy and quick meal.
Curry soy chunks with saute carrot and broccoli along with some yummy red quinoa and pearl cous cous salad with some added peach to top it off…oh almost forgot corn on the Cobb…hubby will definitely enjoy dinner tonight..love being vegetarian!!😊😊😊😊😊


Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Fish…THE WAY TO MY MAN’S HEART:)

I’m not a big cook, but when I do get in the kitchen, like anything else I do. I try to give 100%. So I’ll let the picture talk..

Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Fish

Sweet Plaintain

Mixed Steamed Vegetables

Mac & Cheese