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Let your hair down expo 2013 review!

Okay so our Saturday afternoon started out wonderful! Ok, not so wonderful. By the time we were ready to go to the event it was too late to grab a bite to go. So we figured if we got there by around 1pm we would be good. Not!!! Event started at 12noon, by the time we got there we were midway on the line. Turned around 5mins later to see the line had stretched around the block already. The line moved one step about every 10mins, and believe me I’m not exaggerating. Wish I was. Today was a bit chilly so, with no sun out. Not the ideal time or day to be outside waiting in any line!!! So around 3:20pm, over two hours later we finally get inside the “box”. No apologies were made while we all stood in line, no info was given. All chatters concluded that the space maximum occupancy was 300ppl. Now this was my first natural hair expo. I’ve definitely learnt alot!!! This event wasn’t organized well at all. It wasn’t there first and so I don’t think they have an excuse. Why sell out on tickets, if you can’t accommodate your guests? Needless to say I did purchase a few awesome pieces. A headband from ab boutique, beautiful earrings from Rhythm by Rena and my favorite custom jewelry piece made right on the spot for my dreads by wrapped up in creations. That alone made my wait worth it…

Diva on a budget….introducing your ultimate bargainista!!!

Diva on a budget....introducing your ultimate bargainista!!!

First let me apologize for the distorted face, but I’m still not comfortable with showing my face…Any how…just wanted to share this outfit i wore to church today with you and the total i spend on it! First let me say I’m not a “label woman”, I don’t see the point of spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on a “persons name”! After all that’s all your buying. I make the clothes, the clothes don’t define me! I try not to follow trends and normally just wear anything I’m comfortable in. Not every seasonal fashion style that comes in is for EVERYONE! I REPEAT!!!!!!!! NOT FOR EVERYONE. However I must admit I like the bright colors this season….ok ok let’s start.
Blouse- $16.00 @ Strawberry
Pants- $19.99 @ Strawberry
Shoes – $19.99 @ Daffy’s
grand total—-$55.98 yeaaa me!!!
I will almost shop anywhere a deal is! But I mostly shop at H&M and Daffy’s lately.

Signed Butterfly