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Let Praise proceed your day…

And if our God is for us, then who can ever stop us. And if my God is with me then what can stand against. Proceed your day with Praise💃and I promise Christ☝ will tag along with His peaceful presence hovering 👼over you all day. Your heart will be warm enough to embrace those around you. You won’t be the negative air that enters the room. You’ll be a burst of light🎆 and love💕. Close the door of anxiety😱, depression☹, fear😌, pain☹, malice😣, selfishness😒 etc Today!!!!
Have an AWESOMAZING DAY FAMILY…love live life😊


Marriage reconstructed on the road to forgiveness…

Married October 1, 2011 and was ready to file for a divorce by January 1, 2012. The first year of our marriage was spent living in separation. Divorces are painful, difficult and complicated, a divorce with a child involve is WAR.

God used this experience to teach me lessons that I will never forget, he tore our marriage to build it back it up with substance because we started on a foundation that was built on sand; doubts, hurt, pain from the past that rolled into our future, mistrust and insecurity which led to not being able to forgive past mistakes which blocks vulnerability and intimacy with each other.

Once I was hurt again by a past mistake, I shut down and harden my heart the very thing God asks us not to do, once I made up my mind that I had enough I shut out anything and anyone who told me anything other than to go through with my divorce.
After a year of struggle to get my divorce final, I was sitting in my living room one night when it came heavy on my heart to ask God what he wanted me to do and was he in agreement with my divorce and from that night on he sent me the answers each day it was like stop signs hitting me in the face how he responded to that question, Lol…he wanted me to work out my marriage and because that’s not what I wanted I started getting obsessed with my divorce me final as soon as possible but each time he would put a fork in the road to stop it and I finally opened my heart to The Lord and ask him to guide me in the way he’ll have me go and that he did. The first step was actually allow myself to be vulnerable enough to have a conversation with my husband and let him know the boundaries that will be in place and the steps that we would have to take in order to start over and by doing so we signed up for marriage counseling, this helped us to clearly communicate with understanding like never before which brought us to the realization that in order to build a strong foundation we had to first forgive each other and then Christ will do the rest. The counselor was only meant to push us in the right direction but not to be permanent. None should be given the middle man position in a marriage but Christ. That’s why a counselor should only be used as a start, a quick guide and giving Jesus his position as the third strand in the marriage.
It has been six months since my husband and i reunited and each day we take baby steps sometimes leaps and hurdles. One thing that’s for sure is that as long as Christ is first in both our lives we’ll keep progressing. With any relationship forgiveness is very important and has to be given often for the survival of that relationship, just think about how many times in one day God has to forgive us.

Signed Tulips.

Being vegetarian/Pescatarian can be very affordable!

So on this path one thing I’ve been enjoying so far is I get to food shop way more and yet spend way less than I would normally on grocery. This weekend the hubby and I went food shopping and only spent $9.00. Great deals always on fruits and veggies. These are just what we bought and great deals included ten mini bananas for $0.50, not each! But all….pretty awesome if you asked me. To God be the glory, great things he’s doing in my tummy😊.

Signed Butterfly:

This Vegetarian Journey Begins…

Today was the last day of my cleanse. Praise God! It went O.k to say the least. My body didn’t really take to the cleanse and I felt weak most of the time with a slight headache. Even with me taking every step precisely as recommended. Didn’t work for me, yet the best part of this cleanse was for me the five day fast from solid food intake. That took a lot of discipline and self control. But I made it with the help of God. This was more of a spiritual fast and I kept grounded in the word more than ever. Through it all God was good, is good and all glory be to him. Now I’m totally dedicated to go on this journey of living the lifestyle of a vegetarian. Ready to discipline my stomach. Ready to exercise my muscles. Ready to take back my health. Ready even more to spread the word of God. For even more than before I now will have even more strength and will power to do so. Today was a great day spent with my friend and her new born Angel and she made me my first Jamaican vegetarian dish (dumpling with potato and steamed spinach and cabbage with broccoli and carrot) Oh so delicious! Plus I got a chance to renew my passion in photography by doing a photo shoot with her lovely daughter. All glory be to God.

Signed Butterfly:

2nd day of internal cleanse….still feeling great!

So second day in and still felt energized this morning. Bowel flow coming along as suggested. Today I had an apple for breakfast, a healthy smoothie blast for lunch and for dinner my last meal of tilapia with cole slaw. ( no more meat or seafood after today)
Cleanliness is next to Godliness…

First day of my internal cleanse using blessed herbs started TODAY!

So I’ve decided that before I started my new journey has a vegetarian that I would do an internal cleanse. After researching I decided to try Blessed Herbs internal cleanse, which I began today with the colon cleanse! So far, so good. Since I prepped my body two weeks in advance by my portion of food intake and control my various cravings. The first day has been really a piece of cake. Except for me trying to swallow two pills, which I never enjoyed doing…errrrrrr!
First day is mainly trying to reduce your appetite level and preparing for the 5 day liquid fast. Today I had an organic apple for breakfast. Porridge for lunch and a toss salad for dinner. Right before dinner I had to take the digestive stimulator(my number was two). Everyone has a different number calculation of how many pills to take. Then an hour before bed I have to take 1 packet of the toxin absorber. My intake of water was on point today. Definitely exceeded the suggested 6-8 glasses! Yea me.
In concluding today was a good day…already feeling so much in tune with the Holy Spirit. All glory be to God.

I easily release that which I no longer need. The past is over and I am free.- Louise Hay


Signed Butterfly:  




My husband and I do NOT celebrate ” VALENTINE’S DAY”. Don’t get me wrong, I did fall for the romantic ideas and gestures at a younger age. But life does teach you your greatest lessons. I remember our first valentine together, of course I was expecting a gift or some big grand gesture. Then my hubby says, “babe if I’m  not showing you my love everyday, then something is wrong”. That’s when I got it, and Valentine’s day became irrelevant for me. There’s not a day that goes by that he doesn’t tell me or shows me how much he loves me. That’s a work in progress, that requires all 365 days of each year to accomplish. Not just one mere day. Marriage is simply learning to love and be with someone for the rest of your life. It takes work, time and effort….not a mere day.

Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her- Ephesians 5:25

The love of God is infinite, so why should man limit when to express our love to each other. Show me a bouquet of rose/flowers that lasts an entire year without watering it and I’ll be a believer again. Love requires nurturing and care.

Let’s focus on the Greats that gave every bit of love they had to make a change in our life, through their entire lives:

Bob Marley–