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Let Praise proceed your day…

And if our God is for us, then who can ever stop us. And if my God is with me then what can stand against. Proceed your day with Praise💃and I promise Christ☝ will tag along with His peaceful presence hovering 👼over you all day. Your heart will be warm enough to embrace those around you. You won’t be the negative air that enters the room. You’ll be a burst of light🎆 and love💕. Close the door of anxiety😱, depression☹, fear😌, pain☹, malice😣, selfishness😒 etc Today!!!!
Have an AWESOMAZING DAY FAMILY…love live life😊


Being CLOSE to Christ….

I LOVE being close to water….it makes me feel so close to Christ. I love worshiping near the ocean. The sea reminds me of him…it reminds me of his great big love, of the fear and respect I have for him, of how he continues to create and make anew everything from nothing….how beautiful he is. How he continuously washes away all my sins, all my faults, all my fears. How he inspires me and give me a fresh new start every time I so desire one. How warm, gently and loving he can be, yet if he decides his jealousy for me can roar and create the worst storm. Yet my trust and faith in him lets me know that he will only hold me close and part the deepest sea for me if needed…MY GOD IS AWESOME.

Signed Butterfly